About Vlad

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Smart, intense, and pretty good-looking (or at least I think so), I am always looking out for fresh experiences and unique challenges; living life one adventure at a time. I am 27, married to my beautiful college sweetheart, and full of hope for the bright future ahead.

Although still relatively young, I have been through several life changing decisions and events that I sometimes I feel old for my age. I wanted to write and share the realizations I made through the years. I created this blog mainly to facilitate my self reflections on how to make the most out of life’s daily experiments. I hope that through my articles I could gather valuable insights that will lead to the eventual success of anyone who stumbles upon them. And of course, through this blog, I can keep a journal of someone on his way to becoming successful, rich and famous, me!

So, if you have the same goal as I do, join me. I would love to get your comments and opinions! There is plenty of room at the top; let’s head there together. Ready? Go!


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