[9.10.2007] GIVE ME FIVE!

This is a blog I posted in Multiply almost four years ago. In a few weeks time, we will be celebrating our 9th year anniversary. I just had to reminisce. Time flies but amazingly our love always finds ways to keep getting stronger. This post is not purely in English though. Everyone, say hello to Tag-lish (Tagalog-English).

Note: This will be a very cheesy blog. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

The 10th of September marks the most important date for both my Angel and me. Today we celebrate our anniversary… our 5th anniversary.

Has it been 5 years already? Here are 2 pictures of us. One is from almost 5 years ago during on our 3rd “monthsary”. The other one was taken while waiting for Angel’s birthday, which is a few days before our 60th “monthsary”. It’ll be fun… and very embarrassing… to look at them and reflect on the happiest 5 years of my life.

Sobrang “totoy” at “nene” pa namin nun noh? And look at what 5 years of being in love can do. It lets you gain at least 20 pounds.  It’s really amazing. What’s more amazing is that the changes are not just physical. The Vlad and Ann back then are really nothing like what we are right now.

The people who know me from way back can testify on my notoriety. Ako yung tipikal na teenager na walang magandang kinabukasan. All my actions were really self-destructive. I didn’t really care about anyone or anything, even myself.

Ann changed all of that. She believed in me. It was a simple thing but it made all the difference. Why? Because I started to believe in myself. Something that I never even considered before meeting her. She made me become a better person. All of my achievements… where I am now… who I am now… would not have been possible without her.

And my friends and family really saw how much I have changed. I became: closer to my friends; a better son to my parents; and a better big brother to my sisters. I started to care more for others. I started to truly live.

To prove this, I remember a good friend of mine, Jeff, saying something like this while we were drinking at a bar. “Kung kilala mo yung Vlad nung high school ‘di mo aakalain na you’re talking to the same person ngayon. Yung Vlad ngayon tao e.” Then he started to laugh.

All these are because of the love and faith of one beautiful girl I met in college who only took notice of me because I kinda looked like her ex. hahaha…

Kidding aside, salamat talaga Angel for loving me… for believing in me when no else does… sa pagtitiyaga mo sa akin… for making me so happy… for giving me a reason to live…


Watchout for my post on 10th September 2011!

2 Responses to “[9.10.2007] GIVE ME FIVE!”
  1. kris says:

    soööo sweeet! God bless u lovely couple and continue 2 put God in the center of ur relationshp!

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