My Life’s Constant Desire: Our Love Story Thus Far

A sweet serenade was playing in the background. “… As endless as forever. Our love will stay together. You are all I need to be with forevermore…” The room was filled with excitement. All eyes turned as the church doors open to reveal the bride in all her magnificence. She starts to walk towards me. … Continue reading

[9.10.2007] GIVE ME FIVE!

This is a blog I posted in Multiply almost four years ago. In a few weeks time, we will be celebrating our 9th year anniversary. I just had to reminisce. Time flies but amazingly our love always finds ways to keep getting stronger. This post is not purely in English though. Everyone, say hello to … Continue reading

Lessons in Humility Are Best Served with a Punch in the Face

French politician and philosopher, Charles de Montesquieu, said it best when he stated, “To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them.” When I first came to Brunei in December 2009, my situation seemed very daunting.  I was the only Filipino among my company’s and my client’s employees. Everyone was of a different … Continue reading

Over-thinking Is A Terrible Waste Of Time

My first post is about first steps. Particularly, this post is about the number one reason we take too long in taking these first steps: over-thinking. Last night, I attended a weekly men’s fellowship with my close friends to discuss John Mason’s book, Conquering an Enemy Called Average. The topic for the night was Nugget … Continue reading